2017 Health Champions







Annually, the Ventura County Board of Supervisors presents “Health Champion” awards to local community organizations on behalf the Board of Supervisors, the Community Commission for Ventura County and the Partnership for a Healthy Ventura County.

The Partnership’s 2017 Health Champion Award recipients are recognized for their efforts toward achieving the vision of the Partnership: “that Ventura County be recognized as the healthiest county in the nation by 2030.” Each of the four HVC strategic committees selects one organization to highlight achievements in their specific focus area.

Healthy at Work

Healthy in Your Neighborhood & at Home

Healthy at Healthcare

Healthy at School

  • Green Valley Children’s Center CDI/CDC – Oxnard

Thank you Champions!

Please join us in commending these recipients in their exemplary work in response to the obesity crisis and contributing towards the goal of Ventura County being named the healthiest county in California.

The nomination process

Join us each year to nominate our Ventura County Health Champions. You may nominate an organization or member of the community at any time. Award winners are selected from the nominees each January by the related Healthy Ventura County Coalition committees. Use the following Champion Award Nomination Form and return your nominations to: info@healthyventuracounty.org.

Health Champion Award Document to Download

Champion Award Process
Champion Award Nomination Form
Champion Awardee Form
Champion Award Letter Template